Becoming qualified

Iicaslogo am now just a matter of weeks away from officially qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Audit Scotland. I just need to break through my days worked target, and sign off on the last few competencies. I managed to get through the hardest stage – getting through the exams. They were challenging, a lot different to the kind of exams I remember from school, but I also found them interesting, covering subjects like taxation and law which are useful to know more about as part of everyday life. Continue reading Becoming qualified

18 months in at Audit Scotland – what you can expect

calendarSo you’ve made it! Successfully passed the recruitment process, and your first day at Audit Scotland is fast approaching. After four years of ‘enjoying’ the student lifestyle it is a daunting prospect starting at a professional organisation like Audit Scotland, but let me alleviate any fears you may have about stepping into the world of audit. Continue reading 18 months in at Audit Scotland – what you can expect