If you think audit and news don’t go together, think again


Audit Scotland is looking for a Communications Manager, and so we asked our current Communications Manager to give us some insight into his time in the role.

By James Gillies, Communications Manager

At Audit Scotland we report on just about everything that affects you, me, your family and Scottish public life in general. From the NHS and the police, to the construction of the new Forth bridge; there is hardly a topic relevant to public services in Scotland that isn’t covered in some shape or form by our work. Continue reading If you think audit and news don’t go together, think again

Equal pay shouldn’t obscure Glasgow’s steady progress

By Graham Sharp, Chair of the Accounts Commission


The complex challenges facing Glasgow are unique in Scotland.

Roughly half of all Glaswegians, around 286,000 people, live in some of the most deprived areas of the country. Unemployment remains high and the city’s healthy life expectancy is the lowest in Scotland.

As Scotland’s local authority watchdog, the Accounts Commission’s role is to give citizens an independent take on the council’s progress and performance.

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Building knowledge, gaining experience

as_sm_Offices_05By Frazer Towers, Audit Scotland Work Placement Student

I am soon to begin my third year at St Andrews University where I am studying Economics and Management. I was fortunate to spend four weeks with Audit Scotland at their Edinburgh office working alongside the team conducting their performance audit of the Forth Replacement Crossing. I wanted to spend time at Audit Scotland because of the hugely important role they play in overseeing Scottish public life. Owing to their diverse range of audits, I was able to work alongside a team in an area that really interested me and on a high-profile, exciting project that I had followed in the news while it was under construction. Continue reading Building knowledge, gaining experience

Reflecting on a career at Audit Scotland


By Dave McConnell, Audit Director

It rather seems to have crept up on me but I will be retiring from Audit Scotland later in the year, so I had better give it some thought! Before that though, I have so many aspects of life and work in Audit Scotland over many years to reflect on.

I am sure whoever will be taking over my responsibilities as an Audit Director in ASG will find the role as challenging and rewarding as I have. It is, I think, one of the most interesting jobs in the organisation as it bridges external and internal facing work on a regular basis. Continue reading Reflecting on a career at Audit Scotland

A honest conversation is needed as the NHS turns 70

Caroline_twitter_400pxBy Caroline Gardner, Auditor General for Scotland

As the NHS reaches its 70th birthday, the signs of strain are unmistakeable. We all rely on it at critical points in our lives, and survey after survey shows how highly we value it. But the needs of an ageing population, healthcare costs that grow faster than the rest of the economy and increasing staff shortages – all mean that the NHS needs to change to survive.

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Preparing for life outside the EU

as_sm_Themes_17By Mark Roberts, Senior Manager, Audit Scotland

At eleven in the evening, on the 29th March next year, the UK will leave the European Union. At Audit Scotland, we are interested in what this means for the 222 organisations we audit and the Scottish public sector as a whole.

MR_ProfileWithdrawal from the EU represents a major constitutional change. It is happening at the same time as a significant expansion of the Scottish Parliament’s financial powers. Understanding, assessing and reporting on how all these changes together affect Scotland’s public finances and public sector organisations has been, and will continue to be, a major element of our work. Continue reading Preparing for life outside the EU

Help improve public services in Scotland as a Graduate Trainee


By Mark Taylor, Assistant Director, Audit Scotland

With continuing pressures on public services, public audit really has never been more important. Mark TaylorOur graduate trainees are a hugely important part of our work and life at Audit Scotland. From day one you’ll get hands-on-work experience and play an active part in our work auditing £40 billion of public money, which funds the vital public services you, your family and friends use every day. Continue reading Help improve public services in Scotland as a Graduate Trainee

Guest blog: The journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant

Learn more about life at Audit Scotland as a Graduate Trainee in this blog.graduate_sm_images

Applications for Audit Scotland’s Graduate Trainee Scheme are now open.  Our four-year scheme provides training and development, with plenty of hands-on work experience and support as you complete your Chartered Accountant (CA) qualification with ICAS. So what’s the teaching element of the scheme like? What would you study and what exams would you take? We asked Graham Foster from ICAS to tell you a bit more… Continue reading Guest blog: The journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant

Performance audit – unique and unifying work from around the world

Fraser imageBy Fraser McKinlay, Director of Performance Audit and Best Value

In March, I was lucky enough to travel to Sydney, Australia, to speak at the IMPACT 2018 conference.  It’s a biannual gathering of performance auditors, organised by the Australasian Council of Auditors General (ACAG), and this year hosted by the Auditor General of New South Wales.

It was a fantastic opportunity to share with colleagues my experiences of auditing in an increasingly devolved Scotland, and learn from the best approaches to performance auditing around the world. Continue reading Performance audit – unique and unifying work from around the world