Launching our first Youth Panel

Youth panel picBy Tricia Meldrum, Senior Manager, Audit Scotland

2018 is the Year of Young People, and as we continue our commitment to working and engaging with young people we’re delighted to have established a youth advisory panel, known as Inform100, here at Audit Scotland.

We audit public services across Scotland and our audits need to be shaped by and reflect the experiences of the people who use those services. Members of Inform100 will help us to involve young people more in our work and ensure their voices and experiences are part of the audit process. This is also a great opportunity for those on the panel to gain valuable experience, develop their skills and make a difference.

While building on what we’ve been doing to reflect the views of service users in our audits of specific services, the panel will also be involved in other aspects of our audit work, including helping to shape certain audits, looking at how we carry out the work and how we share the messages coming out of our audits with young people.

We appointed Youth Scotland as our partner to set up and support the panel and recently we all got together for the first time with the Inform 100 panellists.

Youth Scotland worked with the panel over the weekend to explore youth participation, empowerment and leadership and how we can really embed these into Inform100. Throughout the weekend the young people began identifying what really matters to them, while learning about the work that we do at Audit Scotland and thinking about how we will all work together over the next two years.

Julie, one of the Project Leads from Youth Scotland, said: “The group were all really excited about what Inform100 could achieve and are already coming up with ideas on reaching out to hear the views of other young people to help Audit Scotland shape its work over the coming years.”

The youth advisory panel will meet regularly throughout the two years that it will be running.

As well as the panel, there are opportunities for more young people to be involved through a larger online community. This larger group will work with the youth advisory panel to feed in a wider range of views and experiences. If you’re interested in signing up to the online community, or finding out more about it, you can find more information here.

As the panel develops there will be opportunities to hear and learn more about its work, including guest blogs from panel members. Keep an eye on the hashtag #Inform100 as well!

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