Equal pay shouldn’t obscure Glasgow’s steady progress

By Graham Sharp, Chair of the Accounts Commission


The complex challenges facing Glasgow are unique in Scotland.

Roughly half of all Glaswegians, around 286,000 people, live in some of the most deprived areas of the country. Unemployment remains high and the city’s healthy life expectancy is the lowest in Scotland.

As Scotland’s local authority watchdog, the Accounts Commission’s role is to give citizens an independent take on the council’s progress and performance.

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Building knowledge, gaining experience

as_sm_Offices_05By Frazer Towers, Audit Scotland Work Placement Student

I am soon to begin my third year at St Andrews University where I am studying Economics and Management. I was fortunate to spend four weeks with Audit Scotland at their Edinburgh office working alongside the team conducting their performance audit of the Forth Replacement Crossing. I wanted to spend time at Audit Scotland because of the hugely important role they play in overseeing Scottish public life. Owing to their diverse range of audits, I was able to work alongside a team in an area that really interested me and on a high-profile, exciting project that I had followed in the news while it was under construction. Continue reading Building knowledge, gaining experience