Reflecting on a career at Audit Scotland


By Dave McConnell, Audit Director

It rather seems to have crept up on me but I will be retiring from Audit Scotland later in the year, so I had better give it some thought! Before that though, I have so many aspects of life and work in Audit Scotland over many years to reflect on.

I am sure whoever will be taking over my responsibilities as an Audit Director in ASG will find the role as challenging and rewarding as I have. It is, I think, one of the most interesting jobs in the organisation as it bridges external and internal facing work on a regular basis.You meet frequently with senior representatives of audited bodies, and you are the external face of Audit Scotland at Councils, Boards and committees. It’s fascinating to be so close to some of the key decision making that affects public policy and finance, and to play into it too, from the audit perspective.

as_sm_People_03Within Audit Scotland you have the responsibility and rewards of working closely with and managing your own great team of professionals, and also take an important role in the wider management of the organisation through the ASG Management Team and the overall Leadership Group.  With new developments such as our approach to Best Value auditing, there are now so many opportunities for working even more closely with colleagues in other business groups.

AS_recruitment_21I started work with what was then known as The Accounts Commission in 1985, having previously trained with the National Audit Office. I started in Edinburgh on the audit of Lothian Regional Council, before transferring over to the East Kilbride Office for the audits of Strathclyde Region and a plethora of district councils. NHS audits came along in the 1990’s and then the Audit Scotland that we know now emerged in 2000, when I found myself happily re-united with many of my old National Audit Office colleagues.

Above all I am struck by how privileged I am to have worked over the years with such a fine organisation, on such important and valuable work. I could not possibly enumerate the positive impacts that Audit Scotland and its predecessor bodies have had on public services and the use of public money in the years that I have been here. I have particularly enjoyed and valued my time in recent years as an Audit Director and engagement lead, signing off on some of the most significant audits in the country including the councils in Edinburgh and Glasgow and Scotland’s two largest Health Boards.

There is still quite a bit of work to do over the next few months, then I’ll be off, with great recollections of a career in a fantastic organisation, made up of the best colleagues one could hope for. And to those who are in same position as I was in 1985 – you have made a great choice. I would happily do it all again!

Find more details on the Audit Director role and how to apply here. Applications close 6 August.

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