Learning lessons from young people

Audit Scotland and Young Scot have been working with a group of young people over the past few weeks on CheckSee. This has been something completely different for Audit Scotland, working with young people to think about how we do our audits and the topics we look at.

The pilot was a great success and we’re very grateful to all the young people who took part. At the final session the group shared their thoughts and insights about what they see as being the big issues relating to education, skills and employability, and also their recommendations. There was a great buzz in the room, with loads of enthusiasm, and it was fantastic to see things from their point of view. They came up with some great ideas.


The group also gave us a strong, good challenge about what we need to be doing better ourselves – like thinking about other ways of getting our messages across, rather than long written reports. The group had some really good suggestions and they were very honest in their assessment of our current reports! That’s exactly what we need to hear so we can improve.

We’re thinking about the next steps now, and we’d love to keep working with some of the group. Young Scot will be sharing their learning from the project in due course, and I’m looking forward to hearing what the young people who took part in the sessions thought of CheckSee.

At Audit Scotland, we got such a lot out of the session, and people were really fired up afterwards. As things move on, we’ll share more information about what we’re doing and what’s changed as a result of working with the young people. This is the start of an exciting new phase for us.

MM6A6140About the author

Tricia Meldrum is a Senior Manager with Audit Scotland’s Performance Audit & Best Value group. She joined Audit Scotland is 2001 with a background in health economics, and currently oversees audits in the education and children’s services sectors.


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