Becoming qualified

Iicaslogo am now just a matter of weeks away from officially qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Audit Scotland. I just need to break through my days worked target, and sign off on the last few competencies. I managed to get through the hardest stage – getting through the exams. They were challenging, a lot different to the kind of exams I remember from school, but I also found them interesting, covering subjects like taxation and law which are useful to know more about as part of everyday life.

I’ve always had an interest in how government operates and now, through working at Audit Scotland, I get paid to do this! Getting an accountancy qualification is definitely a bonus too – I studied history and politics at university, so came to the ‘numbers’ side a little blind, but with the quality of training available through ICAS, I soon got up to speed.

Public sector audit is not just about the figures. Our wider remit means we get to look at, and report on, an organisation’s performance, use of resources and governance. It doesn’t take too long until, with a little bit of experience and support, you get an opportunity to make your own judgements and recommendations and present them to the management for their consideration.

Now I have a permanent position as a qualified auditor, I’m hoping it won’t be long until I can make the next jump and become a senior, with more responsibility and freedom to manage my own audits.


About the author

rhubertRoss Hubert is a recently qualified Auditor who joined Audit Scotland in 2011 on our graduate trainee scheme. He has previously worked in the hospitality sector, including roles at the Scottish Parliament and The Howard Hotel, Edinburgh. He graduated in 2002 with a degree in History from University College London.

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